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No, I do not have a studio. If we need to rent a studio space for your session I will send you a list of locations that fit your style. I also use only natural light so if you are looking for studio product shots, I am not your gal. If you are looking for more lifestyle images, then send me an email!

Do you have a studio and do you use studio lighting?

I work mainly in Burlington and Hamilton. Anything out of my zone will be charged a travel fee. Make sure you include the location when you inquire.

Will you travel?

After your session, you will receive a viewing gallery within a week. This is for you to pick your final images. I then take your selections and edit those images. You will receive the final edited images within two weeks of submitting your selections.

How long does it take for the final images? 

Frequently Asked Questions

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As of early 2022, over 4.62 BILLION people were reported to use social media. That is 58.4% of the world's population. Who wouldn't want to dive into that giant pool of potential clients for your business? In the end, using social media is a personal choice for you and your business.

Why should I even bother with social media?

Depends on what you want to get out of it. Since social media these days is an essential part of a business's marketing and advertising plan, then having someone to help manage it should be made part of that yearly budget. The more you put in, the more you will get out of it, which includes if you want to run paid ads, have influencers create content for you, etc. A social media manager would manage all of that for you. 

How much does having a social media manager cost?

A social media manager is someone that helps to manage your social media pages so you can focus on your business and not miss out on being seen online. Their responsibilities can include creating a social media marketing strategy, content creation for your business, performance analysis of your posts and videos, community engagement, customer service, planning out organic and paid campaigns, developing a content calendar, and networking with other brands and influencers on your behalf. 

What is a Social Media Manager and what do you do?

Frequently Asked Questions

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