I’m a brand photographer and social media manager serving Halton and Hamilton areas. As a small business photographer capturing you and your brand in its best light, I’m here to help you get eyes on your small business and make the most out of your visuals with social media management that amps up your feed. I’m a millennial mom of two, an avid concert-goer and your small business’s approachable, funny #1 fan (even though I tell bad jokes) who will have you laughing before I even take out the camera!

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hey there, i'm megan

My Story

Growing up, I spent my early years in British Columbia and moved to Ontario when I was 10 years old. Thanks to my dad, I've always had a love for photography. I took every photography class I could in school and outside of it, taking private photography classes (and working as a summer teaching assistant) at the Burlington Art Center. Once I graduated high school, I went on to complete my degree in Applied Photography at Sheridan College. Shortly after, I got my start in the multimedia field doing motion video and video editing. I always wanted to be a camera tech that did those shows on Much Music, but my passion always remained with photography! After my first son was born in 2012, I made the leap and started my own photography business so I could do what I loved while spending time with my family.
When I started my business, I focused solely on family portrait photography. Once brand product photography caught my attention, I turned my focus to helping brands amp up their visuals. I was hooked from the moment I realized I could create a whole mood for a product from nothing. Like, I did that on my kitchen floor! I created that! Now, I’m a brand and content creation photographer focusing on uplifting small businesses. Plus, if I just created those images for you, why not let me help you make the most out of them? I offer small business social media management to help you apply your visuals and rock your feed!

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If I could only eat one flavour of ice cream for the rest of my life it would be a toss-up between Moose Tracks and Peanut Butter Chocolate (the good one from Hutch’s in Hamilton)

If I knew I was going to be left on a deserted island and could only bring one thing, I’d bring my emergency bug out bag (and no, that’s not cheating, it’s technically one thing)!

My biggest guilty pleasure: romance novels. And I’m not talking about your grandma’s harlequin novels. I love them so much that I started my own book club!

My perfect date night: checking out a burger joint, going thrifting for used books and then hitting up a concert at a grungy venue with cheap beer and a low stage.

I’ve Been Doing This (& Keeping It Real) For a Long Time

With over 17 years of photography experience, 5 years of experience as a brand photographer and 2 years of social media management experience under my belt, you can be confident that you’re in the best hands. I’m always learning new things and gaining knowledge and skills to show up better for my clients.

Along with my degree in Applied Photography from Sheridan College, I’ve learned from the experts and the best in the biz. I’ve completed classes at the Art Centre of Burlington, The Portrait System by Sue Bryce Education and take masterminds with industry professionals in the social media and photography world 2-3 times a year so I know my clients are getting the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. At this point, I’d like to think I know what I’m doing, but the photography field and social media space are ever evolving, so I am always doing my best to stay on top of those changes. But most of all, I’m a normal human and always try to keep it real — the wild side of mom life and all. With an authentic approach to capturing you and your brand, I’m approachable, funny (even though I tell bad jokes) and hope to have you laughing before I even take out the camera!

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